Sunday, November 17, 2013

1950's Vintage Dress Cake

A few weeks ago I attended a course at the Cake Parlour with owner Zoe Clark. Zoe produces the most beautiful cakes for weddings and other occasions and also supplies Fortnum and Mason. Her latest book is Chic and Unique Vintage Cakes and this vintage dress cake is from the book along with other designs such as a Singer sewing machine.
One of the reasons I wanted to go on this course is due to the gravity-defying design. The cake is suspended on a dress makers dummy. The design is also so chic, any lady would love this cake for a birthday or special occasion. This cake requires some construction including cutting foam board, attaching a threaded rod and nuts and using a glue gun but the finished product is worth the effort. The principle can also be applied to other designs such as a Christmas tree or bird house.
The dress I made is quite 'poufy', Zoe's original is a bit more slim line which is a little more elegant. However, the more poufy, the more cake! The body for the mannequin is made in advance with lots of CMC added which allows it to set hard. The cake is carved out of three different layers of cake to give the shape and some folds were also carved in.
The skirt part of the cake is covered in sugarpaste and then the body is added on top before adding the bodice in flowerpaste. I had a little bit of a problem with the sugarpaste as it buffed up to a really shiny finish and then it didn't dry and set as you would expect, it seemed a lot stickier than normal so I ended up with a bit of a wonky hemline but it was just about rescued!
The finishing touches were the necklace which was made using a First Impressions pearl mould, the bow around the waist to cover the join and the top of the dummy with the wooden handle. I particularly like the floor boards on the cake board, they were made using the edge of a ruler to mark out the boards and then a Dresden tool to mark the grain. Finally, to give the colour, a little paste colour was mixed with water and brushed on.

This is a lovely idea for a cake from Zoe. If you want to see more of her designs, check out her books.


  1. Wow that is stunning! I can't believe it's cake. Sounds like a really fun course and a brilliant book too.

  2. Thats incredible! And as you say, the 'logistics' can be applied to all manner of wonderful cakes. What a fantastic course.

  3. That's really good Laura, it looks brilliant. It must have taken you ages. You did a great job! Laura@baking in pyjamas

  4. That is FAB-U-LOUS! Love it - truly impressive - well done. Vohn x

  5. This is stunning and such a clever design!

  6. Beautiful Laura, stunning work. x

  7. The fabric is beautiful, the fit is sexy. I normally wear a dress size 10, but according to my measurements on here, it suggested ordering a size 8. I risked it and did, and it fit absolutely perfectly.


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